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Haven Roofing and General Contracting is an industry leader in providing professional roof repairs from hail and storm damage. 


For most home owners, it is not always obvious and easy to tell if you have hail damage from the ground.  It takes the trained eye of a knowledgeable and experienced roofing professional to determine the extent of your damage. Hail and Wind damage may seem non-threatening, however, that is untrue and it can be a costly mistake if taken lightly.

When hail hits your roof or the wind flexes and bends the shingle it creates a bruise. This bruise may have even cracked the fiberglass membrane and can allow water to seep into your home.  It may not leak the day after the storm but over time it will most likely happen.  Hail can damage your roof without any visual signs from the ground.  Potential interior damage includes water leaks, wall damage, carpet damage, mildew, mold spores, bug infestation and many others.

Wind and hail damage loosens granules that protect your roof, leaving your roof and home or business susceptible to further damage.  Hail jeopardizes the integrity of your entire roof.  Over time, the lost granules lead to further roof deterioration, and ultimately inside threats.  If your roof is compromised, so is everything under that roof.  It is so important to let a trained professional inspect at your roof and help you get it replaced or repaired.

If you suspect you may have damage, are missing shingles, see other roofs in your area being replaced, or know that storms have passed through your area, call us and let us help you today! We can provide you a free, detailed, no obligation assessment of your roof.

Whether you need immediate emergency roof repair due to storm damage or a complete roof replacement, our storm damage repair professionals are experts when it comes to hail, wind and storm damage detection and repair.  We have years of experience dealing with storm damage investigation, evaluation, repair and replacement and insurance claims.  Our objective is to ensure a superior quality-finished product, and provide a safe, clean, and well-managed roof repair or replacement project from beginning to end.

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